Are You Maintaining Your Own Small PDR Business Website?

It’s a fact that about a third of small business owners are managing their own websites. That’s not a bad thing unless you are missing some important information that needs to be added or needs a more professional touch. The last thing that you want to do is to cause your potential customers to leave your site because it’s not user friendly or does not have Mobile Optimization on it. These and many more mistakes could be quite costly to a small business. So let’s look at how you can avoid those pitfalls.

One of the biggest mistakes by small businesses is that they have no social media site connections on their website. This could be one of the biggest mistakes you could make. Adding Social Media Links creates an environment of opportunity for your customers. If they are truly happy with your services then they will want to share that with their friends. In fact, you should be asking them to please promote your business. Not only will the customers friends see the information but there is a huge possibility that many others will see it too.

Another huge disservice you may be causing your site is no SEO or poor SEO management. This is so important to your site and must be monitored daily. This requires the correct use of Keywords, Meta Descriptions, and Titles. As a matter of fact, 26% of small time businesses have a Zero Google Score because the owner has not understood or did not care to vamp this up. If you’re one of the 26% you need to change this, your potential clients cannot find you online otherwise.

Another is no Call To Action. This is surprisingly one of the biggest mistakes made. In fact, 93% of small businesses don’t have their email on their site and 49% lack any phone number for the customers to contact.

These are all simple, yet costly mistakes. They are however, ones that you as a business owner can correct in less than an hour. Need advice? Contact King of Car Care to get tons of student advice.


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