Paint Chip Repair: Easy, Quick Money

Paint chips are one of the most annoying eye sores that there are on a vehicle. I paid good money for a brand new car not so long ago, and two years in, I had paint chips on my hood and roof. The cost of fixing it was off the charts and way out of my budget. So I was stuck with a high end car that looked like I bought it at the Swap Meet or an Auction. It was a humbling experience and maybe it was a lesson to not feel so uppity because you can be knocked of that throne pretty easily. I was no longer pimping my ride, as a matter of fact, the downtown pimps had better looking cars than I had and I’m sure they didn’t pay nearly as much as I did. I got rid of the car.

You can add this class separate from the entire Smart Paint Repair for just over half of the cost but if you are looking to do more than just one piece of the big puzzle, then you will want to get the whole package. The secret to success is to be able to offer more than just one service. This especially applies to working as a vendor for a Used Car Dealership. What you can’t do, they will sub out to another PDR Technician who is able to do everything. If they like that vendor’s work, then you stand the chance of being phased out of their vendor list altogether. It’s nothing personal, it’s business. Do you really want to be at the butt end of that comment?

So how much can you make? Here’s the breakdown: You would charge the client the Retail Value which is $75. If you were offering this service to a Used Car Dealership it would be Wholesale at $50. Your cost of supplies is a mere $2 and the average time that it takes you is 15 minutes. Now imagine if you had four of these jobs at one stop? It could add up quickly. Of course only you will know the cost of gas and travel to consider.

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