Ford F-150 Representatives Try To Explain Collision Repair On Aluminum Alloy Part III



Not having to peel back the entire roof to get to the B pillar will not only save time but is far less invasive on total repairs. The A pillar tube you can section it right on top of the B pillar. Now you won’t have the need to replace the entire assembly, saving you precious time and saving the customer precious money.

Another efficient change is that there are no castings in the truck; everything is a stamping, extrusion or hydroformed piece. 

For a time, every sheet metal part will come with instructions. You will receive the box and the instruction sheet detailing all of the procedures to remove and replace or section and listing the parts needed to perform that job.

Ford’s final thoughts on this new truck was that when you loot at accident data and see that 80% are light hits that impact bolt-on parts and bumpers, most repairs on the F-150 will be nothing new.

The bumpers on this new truck are still steel bolted, the grille is still plastic and the headlamps are still plastic. So a lot of collisions you’ll be dealing with will be business as usual.

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