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Entrepreneurial Traits: Do You Have What It Takes? Part I

There are seven recognized entrepreneurial traits that are necessary for you to experience success. We will cover each in its own post so you will need to follow our feed to be alerted to when a new trait is added. For now, it’s important to know that here at “King of Car Care”, we work very hard to help you to realize your full potential and to harness your new found talent. We have prepared an entire section of your courses specifically dedicated to business development. So you not only learn a new trade but you learn how to strategically market and brand it, which will set you up for success.

Now for some entrepreneurial facts: It is well accepted by Scholars, business experts, and venture capitalists that entrepreneurs are not defined by grade point averages, personality types, or social economical surroundings. In fact, contrary to what has been previously thought, you don’t have to be a Type A, which is an overachieving workaholic, nor do you need to be an extrovert. Elana Fine, managing director of the University of Maryland says that “Type A’s don’t take the risks to be entrepreneurs,” adding that the same goes for straight-A students. “Very often it’s C students who become entrepreneurs.”

In fact, it has been discovered during a research study under the title “The Big Five Personality Dimensions and Entrepreneurial Status”, that entrepreneurs collectively have different personality traits than that of corporate managers. Entrepreneurs score much higher on traits such as openness, meaning curiosity and innovation as well as self-discipline and motivation. Best of all? Entrepreneurs score far, far lower on neuroticism which for you means that you are better equipped to manage and tolerate stress.

This is Part I of an 8 part series so you will definitely want to follow us to learn what entrepreneurial traits you need to be working on and what they mean. See you soon.

Are You Maintaining Your Own Small PDR Business Website?

It’s a fact that about a third of small business owners are managing their own websites. That’s not a bad thing unless you are missing some important information that needs to be added or needs a more professional touch. The last thing that you want to do is to cause your potential customers to leave your site because it’s not user friendly or does not have Mobile Optimization on it. These and many more mistakes could be quite costly to a small business. So let’s look at how you can avoid those pitfalls.

One of the biggest mistakes by small businesses is that they have no social media site connections on their website. This could be one of the biggest mistakes you could make. Adding Social Media Links creates an environment of opportunity for your customers. If they are truly happy with your services then they will want to share that with their friends. In fact, you should be asking them to please promote your business. Not only will the customers friends see the information but there is a huge possibility that many others will see it too.

Another huge disservice you may be causing your site is no SEO or poor SEO management. This is so important to your site and must be monitored daily. This requires the correct use of Keywords, Meta Descriptions, and Titles. As a matter of fact, 26% of small time businesses have a Zero Google Score because the owner has not understood or did not care to vamp this up. If you’re one of the 26% you need to change this, your potential clients cannot find you online otherwise.

Another is no Call To Action. This is surprisingly one of the biggest mistakes made. In fact, 93% of small businesses don’t have their email on their site and 49% lack any phone number for the customers to contact.

These are all simple, yet costly mistakes. They are however, ones that you as a business owner can correct in less than an hour. Need advice? Contact King of Car Care to get tons of student advice.


Could You Be Sabotaging Your Morning PDR Business Routine?

The truth is that you most likely are sabotaging your morning routine. Do you find that the first several hours of your day feel like you have gotten nothing done? Nothing to show for your efforts? If you feel this way everyday, then it is probably safe to say that you very possibly have habits that are truly sabotaging your PDR business efforts.

What you do, first thing in the morning, can either make or break how the rest of your day will go. The first thing you will need to do is to write down your exact movements first thing after waking up. Just journal your every movement for about an hour. Once this has been done you can start to consider if in what you wrote, is there anything that could be sabotaging your morning routine? Following are some things to consider, and if you find that you display any of these sabotaging behaviors, then hopefully you will consider changing them:

1. Going Online-This is the single most disrupting practice you could do. Everyone knows that once you start to check your emails it’s easy to get sucked into answering all of your emails and running all over the web. It’s a lot of fun surfing the web but for the sake of staying focused, let’s say that you don’t do that until 10am or so.

2. Turning on the TV-Avoid this at all costs first thing after waking up. Yet another vortex.

3. Don’t answer the phone-This again is a time sucker. Unless it’s a customer or an emergency, talk later.

4. Do the work that will yield the greatest progress-If you need to call customers to try and drum up business, call them first. Or, if you have new sales leads, call them first. Whatever is going to yield the best for the future of your business.

Changing the things that stand in the way of success should be your very first priority. Any questions? King of Car Care is here to help.

Entrepreneurs Can Be Lonely People, Are You?

Becoming an Entrepreneur can be a freeing, wonderful experience, at first. You’re living the American dream. You don’t have to answer to anyone, you clock in when you want, if you’re late-well then you’re late. If you’re not working on any cars for the day, you can stay in your PJ’s all day long while making business calls or working on your website. It’s awesome, well until it’s not.

In our day and age, being an Entrepreneur is commendable. People look up to you when you work for yourself, it’s practically heroic. From your point of view it’s an amazing freedom. But then suddenly, after weeks and months go by, you begin to feel a bit isolated, lonely. Once you go out on your own, you’re truly on your own. Fortunately for you, as a PDR Technician, this job offers you the opportunity to work with many types of people. But even so, are you the type of person that can find a way to work through the loneliness? Or, will you find that it has consumed you? This is a true issue and something to deal with. Think about it before jumping in.

Something else to consider is the fact that you would now have no steady income. For the first time in your life, your living expenses are in your hands. This creates a lot of stress. You need to know that you can make it no matter what. It takes time to get to the point of making enough to sustain your life.

The truth is, becoming an Entrepreneur can be quite wonderful but not without its own issues and trials. It’s not ‘the big pie in the sky’ that it has been portrayed as by the masses. It takes a lot of work and determination but it’s not impossible. If you have your eyes wide open from the beginning, your chances for success are much better.

But with King of Care on your side, you don’t have to do it all alone. We are here to help. Request our catalog to get started. We’re looking forward to joining your team.

King of Car Care Is About More than Just Dents

At King of Car Care you can learn a lot more than just how to remove dents. There is an entire training segment that is the most comprehensive and thorough package available; the Interior Repair Systems Training.

During this training you will receive a custom carrying case made for each component of the system that fits perfectly and keeps your tools organized and polished ready for presenting a professional image to your clients.

Everything that you can possibly need to repair and refinish the interior of a car that had been exposed to things like: rips, tears, burns in the vinyl, leather, velour, then interior and exterior plastics can also be repaired. You can even repair interior carpets and seats which can be re-dyed and restored to their like-new condition. Imagine the possibilities for just these benefits alone. How many cars have you owned that the seats faded because of the intense sun and heat? What if this is a lease vehicle? Panic will strike and the leaser or owner are going to be looking for a fix. That’s where you come in.

With King of Car Care, you will have an Auto Match Pigment Toner Set that comes with forty-five of the most common interior trim colors which makes your job a breeze. You have at your fingertips a fast and accurate system that will more than impress your customer. The toner set is set up to match any interior or exterior trim which as a result saves you a whole lot of time in having to mix and match every color yourself. Not only is that terribly messy but it would cut into your profit with time lost.

Now you can repair the dashboard, armrest, seat, headliner, headrest, or door panel without a bunch of fuss. Match it and do it. It’s just as simple as that. To learn more and to receive your FREE Catalog, click here.

PDR Tools & Paintless Dent Repair Training

Over the past 15 years, many things in life have evolved; from the technological advancements in vehicle manufacturing, down to the state-of-the-art graphics in video games.  Over those years Paintless Dent Repair and the PDR training has also involved into a specialized field of expertise.  Below are just a few of the things that I’ve witnessed progress in.

Instructors Back in 1992 when I learned paintless dent repair, potential students were lucky to have a dent repair instructor with just one years worth of paintless dent removal experience.  Most who were teaching PDR were still learning how to take dings and dents out themselves!  So while I was learning the basics of the PDR process, many of the time saving PDR techniques and dent removal tools were either not refined or developed yet. Many students learning the art of paintless dent repair spent most of their first year in the PDR business just getting a “feel” for what they were doing.  The process was long and very challenging for the individual who wasn’t practicing dent repair each and every day. For some, it was a long road before they could consider themselves a qualified dent technician.

Today, Ding King’s paintless dent repair trainers are quality PDR technicians and certified dent removal instructors that have an arsenal of wealth and experience in all facets of paintless dent repair, ranging from typical door dings, hail damage, creased dents and larger pressure dents. Our experience will help develop new students more rapidly in comparing how things were done 15 years ago.  This allows those learning PDR today t not only have the basics down quicker, but also benefit from the instructors experiences in the field, making the instructor qualified to teach and the student more likely to pick up the techniques of PDR more efficiently.

The Internet With the World Wide Web at our finger tips, the sharing of information is almost instant.  Back in the day when the internet wasn’t what it is today, I felt lucky to get a few technicians to share ideas about the dent repair business.  However, today with numerous web sites dedicated to paintless dent repair, you can gain insight from technicians from all over the world.  While some views are self-promoting and skewed in providing accurate direction, you will be able to research such things as trends in dent repair tools and lighting systems for the paintless dent repair business. Additionally, you might find articles and advice for dent repair marketing, PDR pricing, insurance trends for paintless dent repair and hail catastrophe repair.  However one thing has not changed and that is unscrupulous individuals still prey on the uneducated. I’d like to think the internet has served to diminish the fly-by-night dent guys who make a pretty site, call themselves PDR mentors and coaches and provide for PDR training videos and off dent repair training when between a hail storm or worse yet on their own dent repair retail route. To offer training, companies must provide certified and audited financials and provide training in a state licensed and approved PDR training center. Obviously most people are unaware of this and “buy the cheapest training from a guy that will tell you what you want to hear.” Buyer beware is something I recommend when shopping for PDR training from the internet and rest assured news will travel fast and that company will soon be gone.

Dent Repair Tools While many of the basic shapes of PDR tools have remained the same, there have been a handful of significant refinements over the years.  The steel used to manufacture dent repair tools has improved for greater strength and longevity. When I got into the business, it wasn’t unusual for a tool to possess all the features that Ding King tools possess. They used to look pretty but were flimsy. If it was strong, it would quickly rust.  Today the proper blend of alloys has been developed to produce strong and durable tools that last for a very long time. Additionally, with the improvement in metal, smaller tools feature greater strength allowing greater access to difficult to reach areas.

Glue Pulling for Paintless Dent Repair When I first started in PDR, it wasn’t unusual to fix a hail car and have to leave a dent or two because of lack of access. The time we all spend trying to access those dents were exhausting!  Today glue pulling for PDR has allowed for us to fix dents and dings in cars quicker and with less access time.  While some of the first glue pullers were only used in certain situations, today’s glue pullers allow for more frequent use and have complemented the PDR technician greatly.

These are just a few of the areas that have changed over the past 16 years during my life in the PDR industry.  I’m sure the years ahead will bring even more exciting developments!
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What I Love About Teaching Paintless Dent Repair

I have been involved in the instruction of Paintless Dent Repair for over 15 years. I have had a variety of experiences over that time and am often asked by some of my students, “why do you love teaching Paintless Dent Repair, or why do you continue to teach Paintless Dent Repair after all these years.”?

I really love what I do and approach it with a great sense of responsibility and passion; after all, students that select The Ding King to attend Paintless Dent Repair courses with me as their PDR instructor are putting a great amount of trust in my ability to teach them the paintless dent removal trade. The PDR business has changed my life and I hope to teach your dent removal so you can improve your way of life as well!

The most rewarding thing to me is the people I get to meet week in and week out. I have worked with people from every possible background and experience. Some have been retired and are looking for a new challenge and others are just beginning their careers as a PDR professional.

I have had the opportunity to share in countless peoples lives and get to continue those relationships throughout the years.  I have met so many people and have been so enriched by knowing them and sharing in their journey. I know that it sounds sappy, but it really is one of the things that I enjoy most about what I do.

I also get to continue to learn PDR!  Like I said before, I have worked with countless people over the years and have learned so much from them. Sometimes it’s during the learning process, their experiences in another field that can translate to learning PDR, this opens ideas that I would have never thought of on my own. It can also be when they return home and begin using their PDR skills; their feedback allows me to continue to refine teaching methods to better serve those that I teach.

I love to see people succeed!  Most that I work with are looking at bettering their future and are taking the steps necessary to do that.  I get such satisfaction from seeing people succeed and knowing that I was a resource for them to reach their goals. Each week I get to work with people that are motivated to change themselves; they are great people to spend time with and are very inspiring. Some have already succeeded in business and are looking to expand by adding on PDR services to capture door ding and hail business, while others are just beginning the journey. To see Ding King graduate progression from PDR student to PDR business owner a few months down the road is very rewarding.

Another thing I love about teaching PDR is being creative. Learning PDR is like learning to play a musical instrument. There is a touch and a “feel” that you have to develop to be successful in PDR. Each and every student is so different. No one learns PDR the exact same way. Some learn PDR by doing, others by seeing, and still others by analyzing. Over the years, it has been a rewarding challenge to teach all types of different people and finding the thing that works the best for them. Even after fifteen years of instructing PDR, I still develop and refine my instruction to include more effective ways to communicate.

These are just a few of the things I love about what I do; PDR is a challenging field, as is teaching it.  But I love to come to work everyday knowing I am going to get to interact with people and help them to achieve their goals of making money in paintless dent repair.

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Copyright 2012, The Ding King Training Institute, Inc.

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