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New and Used Car Auto Dealerships profit centers currently include, New Car Sales, Used Car Sales, Parts Department, Service Drive and  potentially a Body Shop.

Consider adding a NEW profit center and start generating additional revenue by adding on Paintless Dent Repair with PDR Training, Scuffed Bumper Repair or THE  TOTAL RECON PACKAGE!

  • You already have the labor on staff to perform the services, all you need to do is select the proper candidate and have them professionally trained and equipped.
  • You already have customers lining up in your service drive, all you need to do is up-sell them on auto appearance services when you review the condition of their vehicle.
  • Your used car department would benefit by eliminating outside vendors and internalizing reconditioning. You would save money, save time and create additional profits.


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The TOTAL RECON Package will allow you to generate a new revenue source on your service drive, as well as internalize reconditioning for your used car department (PDR Training).

PDR Training


Paintless Dent Repair(PDR Training)
Your technician will learn to repair hail, door dings and dents. Training is hands-on while working on real vehicles! Your package includes: PDR Accessories, Glue Puller Kit, Stainless Steel PDR Tools, Hands-On PDR Training, PDR Lighting, PDR DVD and Reference Manuals along with Tech Support.


Paint Repair
Waterborne technology for Small Micro Area Repair Technology (SMART) insure your dealership is 100% AQMD compliant the system includes everything required for your technician to repair paint chips, scuffed bumpers and other types of paint repairs you often see.


Windshield Repair
A chipped windshield is annoying, but doesn’t need to be a costly ordeal for your customer. Replacement is not necessary and with the proper training, you’ll provide customers with quality repairs. Our Windshield Repair System is easy to use and includes all the tools you’ll need.

Alloy Wheel Repair
Curb rashes on alloy wheels or dinged or scraped alloy wheels can now be refinished in less than an a hour. Our alloy wheel refinishing system is a complete easy to use package that includes training and supplies. It is turn-key and an extremely profitable add-on.

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