What is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is the process in removing scratches, swirls and defects from your vehicles paint. The difference between a glossy and shiny vehicle and a dull one is the amount of scratches / defects that are present in the paint. We have good news! The King of Car Care DIY Scratch and Swirl remover makes it easier than ever to get your care looking new again! There are certain steps you must take to make sure you get the optimum results and we are going to show you how! 

Step 1: Wash your vehicle using our Waterless Car Wash Solution

Wash your vehicle completely removing all dirt and debris with the DIY King of Car Care Waterless Car Wash. Your paint needs to be absolutely clean and free of dust and grime.

Step 2: Clay Bar your vehicle's paint using our Clay Bar Mitt & Clay Lubricant

After washing, Use our clay bar mitt and lubricant to remove heavy mineral deposits and debris that are stuck in your vehicles paint. The clay bar process creates a slick surface and gets your paint ready for the next step in the paint correction process. 

Start by spraying a section of your vehicle with the Clay Bar Lubricant and lightly scrubbing back and forth with the Magic Clay Mitt. Make sure there is plenty of lubricant beneath the clay mitt to ensure proper paint decontamination. 

Once you have clay barred your entire vehicle make sure to wipe off residue with a clean micro fiber towel. 

Step 3: Scratch & Swirl Remover

The next paint correction step is to remove any scratches, swirls or defects in your paint. This process is very important to ensure your paint is the best it can be prior to locking in the painted surface with a ceramic coating. 

To do this simply apply a pea size amount of Scratch & Swirl remover to our King of Car Care Micro Fiber Towel. Then look for any scratches or defects and rub the Scratch & Swirl Remover back and forth on the scratch to remove it. This process can take a couple passes to ensure complete removal. 

Step 4: Ceramic Coat or Spray Your Vehicles Paint

You have reached the final step! All of your hard work now needs to be protected! Ceramic coating your vehicle locks in the glossy and shiny surface of the paint creating a barrier that lasts up to 5 years! 

The process needs to be done carefully and section by section. The first step is to open your King of Car Care DIY Ceramic Coating Kit. There are two bottles in the box, A paint degreaser and the ceramic coating. You will want to make sure to mist the entire section of the paint with the degreaser and wipe clean using a new micro fiber towel. Then open the ceramic coating bottle and pour out a portion of the liquid onto your applicator pad. Make sure you do not add too much as this bottle is designed to cover the entire vehicles painted surface. Next you will want to glide the pad over the the paint in even strokes ensuring you get coverage on the entire panel. After you have completed a section wait 5 to 8 minutes and level. Leveling is the process of wiping the coating off using a microfiber towel. It is important to make sure you look at the paint in different angles to ensure no smudges are left behind. After you are happy with the leveling move on to the next panel. 

You Are Left with Ultimate Gloss & Protection Lasting Years!