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Do-It-Yourself Deodorizer

I had a horrid smell coming from my vehicle, after months of trying to figure out what the musty smell was I got the deodorizer spray from King of Car Care. The instructions were easy to follow and now my car is back to smelling fresh. HONESTLY. It was BAD and this really helped. Thanks so much.

-Tanya G.

Bad Smelling Vehicle? Make it Smell Great Again With Our Deodorizer

DIY Deodorizer Spray

Funky or Musty smells in your vehicle? We’ve got you covered.

The DIY King of Car Care Deodorizer packs a punch with its fresh new car smell and deodorizing formula. Your cars foul odors will be gone in no time! 

We recommend to have your vehicle running with the A/C and the recycle setting turned on. Spray across the entire interior and close all doors and windows. 

Let our deodorizer do its magic for 5 minutes and your car will smell amazing. Say good bye to foul odors and hello to a great smelling vehicle. 

Let The King Help Make Your Vehicle Look Its Best!

At The King of Car Care, we take pride in educating our customers on how to maintain their car or truck like the pro’s. 

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Try it Risk Free


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