DIY Waterless Car Wash


It is no secret we are in a drought, We developed a formula that uses less water and save you money! Plus you will be able to wash your car faster! 

Eco-Friendly Solution To Washing Your Car With Water

Waterless Car Wash Spray

We offer the finest Waterless Car Wash Spray to wash and wax your vehicle in a single step. Our unique blend of cleaning agents, real Carnauba wax and Polymers work effectively to achieve the desired results, leaving a mirror-like finish along with providing UV protection to your vehicle that lasts for weeks. Our waterless car wash product is non-toxic, biodegradable and Eco-friendly, with an easy application. The spray-on cleaner introduced by us safely removes surface contaminants and leaves your car absolutely spotless and scratch-free.

We have formulated our product to lift dirt away from your car’s surface. Our powerful waterless car wash product break down road grime, while polymers leave a smooth and protected finish. Moreover, the spray-on method ensures removal of untreated runoff and conserves water. The best part about our waterless car wash service is that we don’t need any external water source, thus gallons of water can be saved.

What sets this product apart from all other waterless sprays on the market is the pleasing fragrance you’ll smell when sprayed on your paint and how easy it is to use. The formulation of this product is aimed at delivering a very, ver shiny and impressive finish.

Key Features:
1. Can be used on any vehicle thanks to its safe formula
2. You can wash your car in just a single step
3. Would effectively trap and dissolve grime and dirt with ease
4. You will be able to wash your car in less than 15 minutes

Dry Car Wash Benefits to The Environment
• Doesn’t bring any form of harm to your vehicle
• Helps in saving water
• Formulated to deliver a deep cleaning action requiring less frequent washes
• Would help in preserving the environment

***We highly recommend you to use a super soft KOCC Microfiber Cleaning Towel***

Making Use Of A Waterless Car Wash Spray

Begin by breaking the vehicle into sections, and cleaning car by starting with any preferable section of your vehicle. The best place to start when washing your car with a waterless car wash spray is at the top.
You should spray a generous content on the roof and wipe down and you should also ensure that the roof of your car is completely wiped off before moving on to another part of your car.

If your towel isn’t clean then you might not be able to obtain desired results so if a part of your towel is dirty, ensure you fold that part and make use of a cleaner part. The easiest route you can take in cleaning up your car is by starting at the roof before moving down to the glass and eventually moving to the trunk lid and hood.

Microfiber For Detailing

(60 x 40cm 350gsm)


  • Super soft and absorbent microfiber.
  • The ultimate wipe off towel for producing show car perfect results on paint, glass, plastic and chrome.

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Try it Risk Free


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