King of Car Care Is About More than Just Dents

At King of Car Care you can learn a lot more than just how to remove dents. There is an entire training segment that is the most comprehensive and thorough package available; the Interior Repair Systems Training.

During this training you will receive a custom carrying case made for each component of the system that fits perfectly and keeps your tools organized and polished ready for presenting a professional image to your clients.

Everything that you can possibly need to repair and refinish the interior of a car that had been exposed to things like: rips, tears, burns in the vinyl, leather, velour, then interior and exterior plastics can also be repaired. You can even repair interior carpets and seats which can be re-dyed and restored to their like-new condition. Imagine the possibilities for just these benefits alone. How many cars have you owned that the seats faded because of the intense sun and heat? What if this is a lease vehicle? Panic will strike and the leaser or owner are going to be looking for a fix. That’s where you come in.

With King of Car Care, you will have an Auto Match Pigment Toner Set that comes with forty-five of the most common interior trim colors which makes your job a breeze. You have at your fingertips a fast and accurate system that will more than impress your customer. The toner set is set up to match any interior or exterior trim which as a result saves you a whole lot of time in having to mix and match every color yourself. Not only is that terribly messy but it would cut into your profit with time lost.

Now you can repair the dashboard, armrest, seat, headliner, headrest, or door panel without a bunch of fuss. Match it and do it. It’s just as simple as that. To learn more and to receive your FREE Catalog, click here.

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