Could You Be Sabotaging Your Morning PDR Business Routine?

The truth is that you most likely are sabotaging your morning routine. Do you find that the first several hours of your day feel like you have gotten nothing done? Nothing to show for your efforts? If you feel this way everyday, then it is probably safe to say that you very possibly have habits that are truly sabotaging your PDR business efforts.

What you do, first thing in the morning, can either make or break how the rest of your day will go. The first thing you will need to do is to write down your exact movements first thing after waking up. Just journal your every movement for about an hour. Once this has been done you can start to consider if in what you wrote, is there anything that could be sabotaging your morning routine? Following are some things to consider, and if you find that you display any of these sabotaging behaviors, then hopefully you will consider changing them:

1. Going Online-This is the single most disrupting practice you could do. Everyone knows that once you start to check your emails it’s easy to get sucked into answering all of your emails and running all over the web. It’s a lot of fun surfing the web but for the sake of staying focused, let’s say that you don’t do that until 10am or so.

2. Turning on the TV-Avoid this at all costs first thing after waking up. Yet another vortex.

3. Don’t answer the phone-This again is a time sucker. Unless it’s a customer or an emergency, talk later.

4. Do the work that will yield the greatest progress-If you need to call customers to try and drum up business, call them first. Or, if you have new sales leads, call them first. Whatever is going to yield the best for the future of your business.

Changing the things that stand in the way of success should be your very first priority. Any questions? King of Car Care is here to help.

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