PDR Technician: Hailstorms Are Gaining Speed; Are You Ready?


Hailstorms are upon us and they are starting already in McKinney, Fairview, Melissa, Princeton, Leonard, and Celeste Texas. Ping pong sized hail caused a considerable amount of damage and that damage will need PDR Technicians to remove the many dents. You must make every effort to be prepared for the amount of work that will flow in. Your supplies need to be up to standard and if not then you will want to replenish just as soon as possible, hailstorms have a season like most anything else. This is your season.

Your advertising should clearly state that you work with insurance companies, you will help file claims, and that you can even aid in setting up rental cars for your customers that bring you their hail damaged cars.

The services that you offer should be clearly stated and you should draw attention to the fact that your services are in lieu of drilling, sanding, using bondo, and painting. You must remember that you are an artist and the work that your hands do is in fact art. The instruments that you use are much like your paintbrushes and your canvas is your customer’s car. You are a PDR Technician and as such you are a trained professional.

Once the insurance company is involved, they will send out an adjuster, whose job it is to estimate how much damage was done and how much they are willing to pay for the damage to be removed. Most times this amount is far less than what the actual numbers end up being. Fortunately, there is a solution, you will simply submit to the insurance company a supplement request. Be always prepared to deal with insurance companies and understand in advance that there will be a stall in receiving your payment.

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