5 Things Your Potential Customers Are Looking For Part I

auto_dealers1You’ve graduated from PDR school and you’re ready to get started just as soon as possible, do you know what your customers are looking for? There are many websites and/or blogs that are dedicated to reaching out to the consumer, advising them on what to look for and what to look out for. As a PDR Technician, you should be in the know on these types of questions and you should have a plan in place to deal with the consumers checklist. You could do the research yourself and spin your resources into gaining this information, or you could also subscribe to our blog posts thereby, letting us do that research for you.

It’s quite often the case that a consumer looking for an estimate from a body shop will get estimates from one spectrum to the other ranging from $500 to a few thousand for the same work. So it’s up to us and you to figure out why there is such a wide gap and what the consumer should be looking for. Also, is it ever okay to go for the cheapest estimate? Or is there a huge risk in doing that?

Body Shop owners and PDR Technicians should know what makes them more reliable than the guy down the road. You should be marketing your strengths and experience so that the consumer has a true picture of your talent. Following are the “5 Things Your Potential Customers Are Looking For”:

  • Pay attention to word-of-mouth-Any and all businesses can advertise, but your customer would do better to listen to the advice of their friends, family, or trustworthy acquaintances. The advice received from these types are speaking from their own experience or someone’s close to them. Word-of-mouth can make or break your business, so your first order of business is to distinguish yourself from others by offering an honest deal. One that they will be happy with and one that doesn’t break your bank account.

Follow me through this series as we continue to discover what the consumer is looking for and how you can fulfill their needs.


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