How Much Can You Really Make Fixing Scuffed Bumpers?

Scuffed bumpers come in all sizes and shapes and are a result of someone’s carelessness, the driver’s or the other driver. These are the least of car damage in the eyes of the insurance company, unless of course the bumper caused a dent in the car by being pushed into it. However, the name ‘fender bender’ is usually meant to downplay an accident and as far as the owner of the car feels, it’s anything but a small thing. So how can you, a PDR Technician, ease their pain? By offering an affordable solution to bringing their vehicle back to its original beauty.

So now the question is, how much should you charge for these services? This will depend on how far you have to travel, how much of your supplies you are using, how much time it will take, and how extensive the damage is. What course will you want to take to be able to do this type of repair? SMART Paint Repair. This class is five days long. When finished you will have you Chip Magic Chemical Package, Color Match Software, Certificate of Completion, and a Laptop computer. Very all inclusive and you get an additional class helping you with Business Development.

How much should you charge? If you are working with the client at their home then this would be a retail charge of $350. If you are working with a dealership, then you will want to charge a wholesale fee of $125. How much in supplies will it cost you? $10. That’s right! Ten dollars. The average repair time is only 45-90 minutes. Not bad right? Let’s say it actually took you one hour, you just profited $115 dollars. Remember, you have to deduct the cost of your supplies. If you are working directly with the customer and had the same cost of supplies during the same hour, you have just profited $340. Who do you know that makes $340 an hour. Get a few more like this in a day and you have taken home a substantial amount of money.

If you’re excited by these numbers and aren’t in classes yet, contact us at King of Car Care. We can help you get started soon.

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