Calling All PDR Technicians: It’s Time To Spring Clean

If you are a current PDR Technician, about to graduate, or just looking into becoming one; this is a perfect time to get a Spring Cleaning Checklist together and make them a part of your marketing campaign. Sometimes you just have to lead the potential customer to the idea of spring cleaning even though I absolutely believe that we are born with that gene somehow. We may not all answer the call but yearly during Spring and Fall, it’s cleaning time.

So how does this affect your business? Well think about it, there’s money to be made here just lying in the wait, all you need to do is scoop it up. So your flyers should be a quick checklist of what needs to be done. Not all of the work to be done will have anything to do with you. The idea is to get their minds thinking about it, you’re basically tickling the brain.

Your checklist should have:

Clean out the trash

vacuum the entire inside

Scrub carpet and upholstery-This is you. Offer a Spring Cleaning Special.

Power wash the floor mats

Swap tires

Get rid of winter windshield wipers

Lube the car door hinges

Clean the inside and outside windows-This is also you. Once the windows have been cleaned they may notice those pock marks in their windshield. You can fix them.

Wash the car-This too is where your services may be needed. A lot of people refuse to wash their cars in the winter, especially states where there is a lot of snow. Your customer may soon discover that they have small dents from the sand or mag chloride laid out on the streets for bad winter weather. Whatever the reason for the dents, you have the opportunity to make some money here.

You can add anything you want to your checklist. It could be geared towards all of the services you offer.

Questions? King of Care Care.

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