If You Have a PDR Business; You Should Be Blogging Part 2

Blogging is as important as any advertising that you could possibly do. You don’t have to pay anything to do it unless you hire a firm to create a website for you. You can contact a Marketing firm like 3rd Street Marketing to design and host your site, and they will give you a very professional look without you having to lift a finger. You could also opt to create your own but be aware that if you don’t know what you are doing it will look like a child did it, and you don’t want that.

When considering your content, it’s easier when you think of it like food groups. Let’s say that on Monday you write a post about the services that you provide. This is the meat of your business. If you’re a PDR Technician and have taken the Total Recon package, then you have a lot of meat to offer. Your next post should be on the vegetables. The vegetables post would be about case studies or basically helpful information. Your grains would be your How To posts. For instance, you could talk about the fact that it is Spring Cleaning time and provide a checklist of the things that a client could do to get their car ready. This list would of course include your services that you can provide them and a coupon code that can be applied to their order with you.

Next you have your condiments that go with your food groups. In this type of post you will be providing helpful links or even offering your opinion on products or services. You could even write about hailstorm damage. Finally you have your dessert, for some of us this is the main meal. But for the purpose of posts, this would be a light post. You could use humor, like the funniest video you saw this week.

The point is to stay engaged with your clients and the public. If you have any questions just let us know, we’re here to help. King of Car Care.

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