PDR Technician: Leather Care Part IV


Conditioning Leather Types:

How to condition leather and the whys of conditioning if it is a water/oil repelling, is subject for the great debate. In this post we are going to get down to business and leave the great debate to others. It’s simple, just do it the way that I say and trust that I have read and understood all there is out there about which is the best way.

The most important fact is that you cannot use the same conditioners for the Pigmented (Protected/Coated) as you would for the Aniline or Semi-Aniline leather.

You would be making a big mistake to use what you would use for the Aniline leather. These types do two different things, so if you were to use an Aniline Oil on a Pigmented leather it would simply sit on the top with no penetration. The same is true if you were to use the oil meant for Aniline and used it for Pigmented. It too would simply sit on top. This means in both cases that it’s not penetrating or conditioning. It’s a waste of product and time.

With that said, stay away from products that contain Neatsfoot oil, lanolin, mink oil, collagen, or aloe these types of conditioners for the Pigmented type of leather, they will leave a very greasy film on the surface. You will need to get very familiar with products that don’t have these ingredients.

Some Tips:

  • Don’t allow grit, dirt or dust build up to excessive levels. These are the things that accelerate the degradation of the top-coat.
  • When cleaning leather, use mild pressure and, if needed, a soft nail brush, never rub hard on the leather surface.
  • Maintenance is key. Wiping the surface on a regular basis, every week or two, with a damp cloth will remove surface dust and dirt.




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