PDR Technician: Women Customer’s, An Untapped Demographic

The PDR Industry is not just for men! For some reason PDR Technicians gear all of their marketing and printed information towards an audience of men. You couldn’t be more wrong. Women in the automotive industry have moved up to the 50% mark. This means that gone are the days of the pretty woman staying home and letting the big burly man take care of man things, like car restoration. Women are worth more money than they ever were in the past and corporations paying men more for the same job done as the woman is doing, are being called out and forced to change their perception. This is a new world people and women have become empowered, and rightfully so.

Think long and hard about this before naming your business if you haven’t already done so. Using names like Big Man Jake, Dent Stud, Dent Man, Dent Terminator, Studly Dent Remover, or more should be avoided at all costs. Women aren’t impressed by these terms and will usually pic someone with less make testosterone. Men, generally speaking, tend to talk down to women. Yet another thing you should avoid with your life. The one thing you can count on from women is that there is nothing that passes their radar. Absolutely nothing.

Making a woman feel stupid and assuming that they have not done their homework before contacting you is a huge disconnect. They research, study, and decide long before they take the time to contact you. Considering this should be your first response. In addition, and I really hate to mention this, women are not sex objects to be stared at by the likes of you. Don’t do it. Finally, never show up to any job in sweats and dirty clothes. You are a professional, dress like one.

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