PDR Technicians: Wild Storms Hit The Midwest; Now What? Part II


pdr3In the last post we discussed some of the damage done by the Midwest and South’s latest storms. This storm caused hail damage from ping pong sized to baseball sized ice chunks. I said that I would get you a “Thunderstorm Checklist” but before we do that, I want to discuss your options as a PDR Technician.

Assuming that you took the Total Recon Package for your PDR training, what are the things that storms like this could cause that you could help the customer with. We know about the hailstorm damage, but what about the flooding that often times accompanies these storms? This type of weather is tornadic, meaning that with this thunderstorm, you could get flash flooding and high strong winds. This type of weather is a loud, mischievous clash of all types of activity.

Flash flooding means that the water level caused by the storm could be anywhere from an inch to five feet. Flash floods are a large volume of water that appears like a wave of water the was hidden behind a dam or something.  It escalates in its size and gains momentum quickly and quite unexpectedly. One minute you’re driving on paved road and the next minute your sailing your care. It’s just that fast.  The damage this causes to your interior is monumental. First you have to have the water removed, then the smell alone will knock you out, especially if you’ve left it outside and in the sun. The trick to this type of damage is to move quickly before it sours. You would of course make $50 dollars for ten minutes of your time. Your customer will need to have it wet vacuumed to remove any water, then you come in and do your magic.

I promise, soon you will get your checklist.



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