PDR Technicians: Wild Storms Hit The Midwest; Now What? Part III


So we have covered hail damage as well as odor removal, are the dollar signs going off in your head yet? We’re not finished yet. The next thing is any aand all damage caused by the wind. Gale force winds can send any debris towards vehicles, absolutely anything. This debris could cause major damage, as in tree branches from a tree, rocks or pebbles, a child’s toy car (I’ve seen it happen), the point is that you should be prepared to fix any type of damage. It could be as simple as a scratch on a car, or even a ding on the windshield. You need to be ready to repair anything that comes your way. Include d should be you Alloy Wheel Repair equipment and tools. Be prepared for absolutely everything. You could stand to make a killing in profits. But if you’re not ready, you are leaving money on the table that could and should be yours.

Thunderstorm Checklist:

  1. ALL PDR Tools
  2. Odor Remover Equipment
  3. Paint Chip Repair Tools
  4. Scuffed Bumper Repair Tools
  5. Windshield Repair Tools
  6. Paint Polishing Tools
  7. Alloy Wheel Repair

This is the list in its short order. You know which tools go towards which job so you will know what chemicals, paint, tools and whatever supplies you think you will need.

Follow the weather, make your move, as soon as you are aware of the storms that are prevalent throughout the US, you need to be ready to pick up and make your move. Be warned though, while your intentions are real, there are PDR Technicians that have made it their business to chase these storms just like you but they are performing sub-par work. They will underbid you if they can and will underhandedly offer some sort of incentive, like a free mug or something silly like that. Choose a different location than where they are and if someone balks at your prices then tell them that with you, they are getting top notch service.

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