Ford F-150 Representatives Try To Explain Collision Repair On Aluminum Alloy Part II


Aluminum Sample

Ford representatives are busy trying to convince the auto body industry that repairing the new Ford F-150 military grade aluminum alloy truck has been made easier with collision repair as its number one concern when the idea of this new truck was conceived in 2009. The new 2015 F-150 is set to hit the market this fall and anyone with overactive curiosity, or a need to know because of the collision repair industry, will be able to touch and feel the truck. The picture above shows the different part sections that make this truck unique.

The front apron tubes were designed with repairability in mind. Currently, the F-150 is a two-piece system of hydroformed steel. Two sections go inside the hinge pillar, to remove or replace the part, you have to drop the instrument panel to get to the backside of the hinge pillar. However, on the 2015 F-150, it’s now a single piece with all external joints. You no longer have to get into the hinge pillar or instrument panel. This alone will save many hours of removal work.

Now, with the new B pillar, if the truck takes a hit and the rockers and crossmembers are damaged, you won’t have to replace the entire assembly. The one place that this is not true is in the crew cab. The outer rocker reinforcement in front is an extruded part, you would have no choice but to replace the entire assembly.

The B pillar has an improved design in that the mounting tab stops short of going over the roof tube and underneath the roof panel.  Because of this, you won’t have to cut access to the roof panel or pull the roof panel to remove and replace the B pillar.

Follow me to Part III where we will continue to discuss the advantages of the new F-150.

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