Are You A Goodguy? Well Maybe You Should Consider Becoming One Part III


Twenty-five years later Goodguys produces 20 national events in 12 states and has an association boasting 70,000 worldwide members. Goodguys events draw over one million visitors annually as well as over 50,000 classic cars. More than just a promoter, Goodguys publish a 200 page, all-color monthly magazine and have an entire line of specialty merchandise. Corporate headquarters, now in Pleasanton. Meadors has numerous “Hall of Fame” awards sitting on the mantle. And it all started that one day show in 1983. And the West Coast Nationals? It celebrated its 25th anniversary in August of 2011.

Now retired from running the day to day operation of the company he founded, passing off the Presidency to his youngest son Marc, Gary and Marilyn Meadors have a lot of time to reflect and cruise America in their classic cars and for that, they’re grateful. “We struck a chord with car guys and enthusiasts” Gary said referring to the growth of Goodguys. “We’ve truly had the chance to live the American dream. The hot rodding industry is main stream and we’re lucky to have been involved since the get go.”

Facts and Numbers
Since 1983, Goodguys has promoted and produced over 600 events for American automotive enthusiasts in 25 of the 49 continental United States. The first issue of the Goodguys Goodtimes Gazette, the company’s official monthly newsmagazine rolled off the presses in April of 1989. Since then, Goodguys has published over 300 issues of the magazine. Goodguys employs 40 full time staff members and relies on legions of part time volunteers to help coordinate their events. The Goodguys National Rodder’s Rep Program, started in 1994 by the late Bill “Billy B” Burnham includes over 100 active Rodder’s Reps in seven different divisions throughout the US and Canada.

In case you haven’t guessed, these types of shows and extravaganza’s are the exact place that you need to be to make connections for your business. You should be there giving anyone with a heartbeat your business card. Get connected with some of the biggest and greatest enthusiasts.

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