How To Remove Motorcycle Tank Dents: It’s A Miracle! Part I

motorcycle dent

Motorcycle dents have been the thorn in the side of body shops for longer than you can imagine. Well, for as long as there has been motorcycles and side-car bikes I would imagine this has been a problem. For as long as this has been a challenge, customers who accidentally knocked their bike off of it kickstand, only had one option and that was to replace the tank. This, especially in our times, is a very expensive solution and can cost in excess of $400 dollars.

Welcome to the 21st Century, now there are Paintless Dent Removal Technicians who have the skill set and industry tools necessary to remove those accidental dents for a small fraction of the cost of replacing the tank. The techniques that are used are like magic. In fact, you need to stick around to see how it’s done just to witness the miracle touch.

Depending on the extent of your damages, the technician will use their well-honed expertise and finesse the dents into submission from either the inside, outside or both. What you end up with is a tank that looks as if you never had a moment of bad judgment.

The process of dent removal can be tricky depending on the bike. You will always find the gas cap at the very top to allow the complete filling of the tank. Unfortunately, the caps are not a very large opening.

You will need to figure out quickly if you are working with a double skinned tank because the process changes considerably if it is. A double skinned tank is much like a metal tank within a metal tank. This type of tank makes it very difficult to remove the dent from the inside as you will be applying pressure to the inside metal skin and not the outside skin where the dent is.


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