How To Remove Motorcycle Tank Dents: It’s A Miracle! Part II

motorcycle dent

Now if your tank has a single wall, or metal skin, then the job just dropped from possibly impossible to very simple. Simple at least for a PDR Technician. First, the technician attaches an object that appears much like a flag into the emptied tank. This has a flexible mounting so can be adjusted to any angle necessary. The flag itself is like a rectangular card with parallel black lines running the length of it on a white background.

The flag is reflected in the shiny paintwork of the motorcycle gas tank. If the tank is in perfect factory condition, then the reflected black lines will all be smooth. If on the other hand the tank is dented, then the reflected lines will converge, balloon and be distorted where the reflected dent is.

As the dent is massaged and caressed from the inside, using a special tool designed for removing dents in motorcycle gas tanks, the reflected black lines in the region of the dent will become less and less ballooned and distorted. By the time the technician has completely removed the entire dent, the reflection will be smooth and perfect.

The actual surface of the motorcycle tank is constantly checked as well for smoothness but the reflections of the black lines is the most efficient way to get the best visual and actual guide as to the presence of other dents. If properly performed, the dent will vanish completely and the repair will be completely invisible. This will be the final judgment of a PDR technician and their expertise. There will be nothing left to see if done correctly.

The futile attempts made in the past to fix a motorcycle are behind us. No more removing the tank, rubbing it down or removing the paint with stripper, then applying filler, rubbing that down before re-spraying the entire tank. All gone!

Paintless Dent Removal techniques are the way of the future. Sign up for classes now.

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