Marketing Trend Information Released for your Collision Repair Businesses



Proof that marketing is absolutely fundamental to your business. If you have been on the fence about whether or not to get fully submerged in online marketing, perhaps these statistics will make it an easier decision.

Summit e-Marketing Sherpas outlined various statistics accumulated from multiple studies and marketing groups. Information found on Fender Benders site.

Key highlights included:

  • 77 percent of consumers prefer email as the main method of promotional communication
  • Email marketing generates a $40 return on investment for every $1 spent.
  • 88 percent of consumers search online before purchasing a local product or service.
  • 46 percent of consumers only use a mobile device to perform an online search before purchasing a local product or service.
  • 72 percent of Internet users are on social media.
  • 98 percent of consumers read text messages within three minutes.
  • The average consumer now spends more time on their smart phone than any other device.
  • 85 percent of consumers say they read online reviews for local businesses.
  • 73 percent of consumers indicated that good reviews make them trust a business more.

In light of the accumulated statistics, Summit e-Marketing said companies should use email, social media and text messages to market and sell to consumers. In addition maintaining a website and creating a customer feedback strategy are also important.

Pretty convincing right? You need to put together a plan that works for you. Don’t overwhelm yourself or you will quit before you have the chance to see the rewards for your efforts. We here at the King of Car Care, write on this subject often so take a look at our archives to find our topics covering social media and marketing.

In the beginning, it will take a little bit of time to set yourself up, but once you do, your efforts will operate like a well-oiled machine needing of course your weekly input and response to inquiries.

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