Vehicle To Vehicle Communications To Be Scrapped? Part II


Though there is so much at stake, Bozzella also held out an olive branch in his statement, saying he would be willing to work with legislators to find a compromise.

“We appreciate the Senators’ willingness to work with us to address our concerns with the bill,” he said. “It is critical that we continue to collaborate on ways to engineer, examine, and evaluate proposed spectrum sharing strategies to ensure that harmful, potentially life-threatening, interference does not occur.”

This article was written in the Fender Bender Newsletter and is news that I feel is relative to you because it is a part of the auto industry. It’s important that you keep up with news from our industry especially if a customer is trying to strike up a conversation about stuff they assume you should know.

When it comes to collision repair and the industry as the greater whole, there is never too much information. It’s your job to stay engaged and connected even if it has nothing to do with fixing a dent. We here at the King of Car Care are committed to your continued growth and try to always provide you with talking points and information that you can add to your website to encourage customer conversations. These are the types of stories that you can add your own spin onto and yes, be opinionated about them, even if your opinion isn’t a popular one.

Sometimes, playing the devil’s advocate is exactly what you need to do to put a thorn in the side of the complacent. You can follow up your story at a later date with how you really feel, which may not be quite as opposing as you made it sound.

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