Entrepreneurial Traits: Do You Have What It Takes? Part 6


As a PDR Technician, you will have to be confident in the talent that you have just learned. In order to overcome the doubters, you will have to deliver on the product and services that you so proudly are sharing with others. This pressure can cause anyone to suffer with self-doubt, which is polar opposite of the topic with which we are speaking. Self-belief comes from practice and practice comes from the actual work. You will get plenty of hands-on experience when attending “King of Car Care”, but true self-belief will come when you are on your own and don’t have the comfort of having your trainer standing behind you ready to help with any errors you may make.

You will need to muster up the self confidence needed to take your first job, only then will you begin to grow the self-belief lurking deep within yourself. Whatever you do, don’t paralyze yourself with fear. The steps that you take going forward, will keep you from going backwards. Don’t even consider squandering away your education. Stick with and push through. Your efforts will be rewarded threefold.

With self confidence comes risk. Risk, with a positive outcome, cannot come without self confidence. One begets the other. You need to set your pace, name your game, own your new talented self and get busy taking one customer at a time and changing the negative thoughts and the old stuck in the mud methods of dent removal. What you have to offer is wallet changing. More often than not, your fees are far less than even the customers insurance deductible. It’s staggering what you are introducing into the mainstream and you will change the hearts and minds of those stuck in an antiquated past mind-set.

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