Entrepreneurial Traits: Do You Have What It Takes? Part 7


In business, flexibility is absolutely required. As a PDR Technician, you will have changed how you manage and deliver your service many, many times before you found your groove. If you are a graduate of PDR Technology and have been for quite a while, then you will know that you have attempted many types of advertising and methods to reach your customers. As you grow in your business, your business grows with you. Hopefully you have kept your flyers and other samples of your efforts so that you can take a look back for years to come. It sets an environment for having a little laugh, and will make you marvel at how far you have come.

Sometimes, in business, you will have challenges that make you have to take a completely different direction. There are numerous entrepreneurial examples of this exact challenge. Take Steve Jobs for example, how many times must he have had to make changes to stay ahead of the industry that he in fact, was a leader in? Not only was he looking for buyers for his end product but he was also heavily seeped in finding investors to support the design end. With investors comes opinions and with opinions and created structures comes a constant influx of change. The company eventually evolves into a monster or something very successful. As with Steve Jobs, his investors imposed too many restrictions on his creativity that by the time it was all said and done, the original team, including Steve Jobs broke away from the business that became a beast.

Of course in the case of Steve Jobs, things ended up okay but had it not been for his constant conditioning to accept change for what it was, he could never have survived the continued change that became the very definition of Apple.

You too will have growth in your PDA business, it will be far less painful if you simply choose right from the beginning to accept that change is inevitable and can be worth every stretch and bend made if you allow yourself to be flexible in its growth. If you have any questions, we here at “King of Car Care” are here to help. One more trait to go, hopefully you have followed all of the traits, and they have been helpful.

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