As a PDR Technician; What Do You Do With Unhappy Customer’s?

As a PDR Technician you can hope that all of your customers will be unimaginably happy with your services, but what if their not? How will you handle that? Will you choose to dodge their calls? Or will you deal with it? As hard as it may be to do, you will need to deal with it. As a part of your service, you should be offering an unconditional guarantee on all of the work that you do. You should also be in the habit of taking pictures prior to your working on their vehicle. Close-up and panned out for easy identification of where the damage was prior to your touching it. This will help you if you should be taken to court. You will also need to make sure that before you begin to work on a vehicle that you have registered your business as an LLC. This means that you have Limited Liability and you personally cannot be sued, only your business. Your investments in your home, vehicles, and any other recreational property is safe and can’t be taken from you.

So now back to your unhappy customer, call them back immediately. If you don’t contact them immediately you are adding fuel to a very big fire. It will kill your business and they may go to the BBB and report you. That would be even worse than being taken to court in my opinion. Most people are becoming very smart shopper’s and will automatically check out your company before letting you come to their home. Wouldn’t you do the same?

If you always put yourself in your customers place then you will have empathy for what they are feeling and how they need to hear from you immediately before the whole situation escalates. Give them the same service that you would expect and you will always come out on top and be appreciated for your commitment to your business. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at “King of Car Care”. We’re here to help.

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