PDR Technicians: Show And Tell ALL!

You need to make every effort to have your customer’s watch what you are doing. Show and Tell is the best business practice that you can add to your long list of marketing ideas. If your customer takes an interest in what you are doing then be sure to include them when you are using your light to see the dents, or any other practice that you are doing. If they are even slightly interested, then you have just taken on a salesman. Oh sure, you didn’t intend to do that, but you will never have a more dedicated customer than you will have with one who was made a part of and understands the work you are doing. If they understand it then they are more likely to go out to their friends and share their experience. They will be well equipped with the knowledge you have given them and be able to explain it in depth. Be careful not to get so caught up in conversation that you are taking twice, even three times, longer in completing your work. In spite of the fact that customers are impressed with the sharing, they will quietly judge you if you take up their entire day. For you? Time is money! It’s a fine line but you will need to learn to walk it very quickly to be successful at this.

The fortunate end of this type of working is that not only have you gained a loyal customer but in some cases, you may have gained a friend. Make this technique a part of your marketing strategy and you will see your business boom. Customer’s are curious, take advantage of that curiosity and tell them what they want to know. Why not? Questions? King of Car Care.



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