Nine Easy Steps For Beginning A Blog Part II

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Once you have created a clear picture and have found answers to each of the above questions, you will need to start identifying the purpose of your blog.

Second: Your purpose is different from your goals for very simple reasons. You know you want to hit this out of the ballpark, but why? You need to ask yourself the tough questions like “Why would someone visit and follow your blog?” and “What will set you apart from others in your industry and cause your readers to visit your blog over someone else’s?”

If your purpose is to gain exposure and make a connection with your clients and potential clients, then you will be successful if you truly apply yourself. Don’t get caught in the very accessible abyss, thinking that you will rake in the money because of your blog. You may, I’m not saying that it isn’t possible, but don’t let that be your driving force. If you do, unfortunately you will lose site quickly on how to speak with your readers. You will quickly find yourself speaking at them and only looking at the wallet instead of looking inside to the needs of your readers. If you don’t remain focused on customer service then soon the following that you had acquired through great content will opt out of receiving your blog. This can’t be good right?

Third: Reader’s that surf the web for something are usually trying to scratch the itch that they have. They are looking for relevant information. You need to discover what they want and how they want it. In the beginning, it’s more of a dance with your readers. Trial and error. Pay attention to the response, answer their questions by responding to comments, be a part of their solution and you will have reader’s for as long as you want them.

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