Nine Easy Steps For Beginning A Blog Part III

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Once you research and discover who your targeted readers are and what they want to hear, creating influential and informative content will be simple. You will know exactly what you should write about. Consistency is key.

Fourth: Speaking of consistency, it’s best to set realistic posting goals so that you don’t find yourself overwhelmed. If your schedule isn’t reasonable then most likely you will forget to write one, come up with reasons you can’t or worse, cause a writer’s block because of all of the unnecessary pressure you are placing on yourself. Developing a system allows you to feel less pressured and will set the anticipation and expectancy of your readers. If they know to expect something once a week then they will automatically keep an eye open for your blog to arrive in their inbox (which is what happens when they subscribe to your blog).

The most important point to remember is that you need to be consistent. Consistency is key, be consistent and your readers will stay involved. Whatever you do, don’t set yourself up for failure. Don’t commit to writing everyday if you just know that you can’t. What are the possibilities that you will have relevant content every single day? Not very likely. In the beginning you will probably be able to come up with tons of information. Excellent, write your thoughts down so that you don’t forget them. And if you are absolutely on fire, go ahead and write your posts, just schedule them one week apart for publishing. Remember, you’re setting up the readers expectations and if you post one or two a day in the beginning and then begin to back off, you could lose your readers. They will expect more not less.

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