Nine Easy Steps For Beginning A Blog Part V

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Seventh: Writing can sometimes be a bit scary, especially if you’re comparing yourself to a newspaper journalist. I mean people go to college for those types of skills, right? Not necessarily. Writing is done in your mind before it hits the paper, so play with the thoughts that you have about your subject matter and then concentrate on perfecting how you say it and how it translates to page. Be yourself when writing, without any of the bad language of course, and you will soon discover that you have your very own writing style. That very style will be the very thing that will draw your readers. When people can relate to what you are saying and find that you make very interesting and on point statements, then they will come back to you time and time again. Don’t be afraid to be funny and most certainly don’t be afraid to mention your own mistakes. People relate better when they understand and know where you’re coming from, again, it makes you human. Everyone can learn from your mistakes, you did. Why not make light of those experiences and then present how you came through relatively unscathed. They learn from those mistakes and won’t likely make them themselves.

Eighth: Now that you have written your first blog, you’re going to need to share it with as many readers as is possible. If you set up your website with say WordPress, then you have the option of taking advantage of many plugins that are designed to help you share your information simultaneously when you press Publish.

This saves you a considerable amount of time. You may still need to head over to Pinterest, Instagram and others to get your information uploaded to these accounts but it still beats having to go to each site one at a time. People will begin to respond immediately so be ready to watch your numbers grow. As long as you have used excellent industry keywords, use excellent photos, and provide excellent content you will have the advantage of watching your followers grow. It’s really quite rewarding.

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