Nine Easy Steps For Beginning A Blog Part IV

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Fifth: Now it’s time to create an editorial calendar to further your content impact. An editorial calendar will result in not only keeping you to topic, but also to schedule. Defining your purpose and where you are going, in say the next year, sets your own expectations of yourself. Your goal becomes very clear and the direction and topic isn’t forgotten or changed. This way, when you’re driving or working on a vehicle, you can be thinking of what to write and the point you’re trying to make because these have already been defined by you and for you. This is a strategic maneuver on your part and will be the difference between blogging success or failure. It’s just that simple.

Sixth: Creating and developing your blog’s brand should be considered right from the moment you sit down and begin to create your site. You need to consider layout, color and style. These very basic things could make or break your efforts. Just as in serious food preparation, presentation is everything. You can draw or repel readers by your choices and so must consider your audience, their age demographics (what’s cool to a teenager will not necessarily be cool to anyone above 20). Don’t limit your reach by putting together a punk rock website and blog. You need to consider all ages when creating. If for instance you use a black background with tiny yellow writing, do you think that everyone could read it? Not likely. Keep your presentation simple and professional and your blog will cross all dimensions and reach out to all audiences.

These are the things that set the pace to your branding success. If you plan on drawing or having a graphic artist design your logo, keep these ideas to the forefront so that you can use the colors and style that will complement the drawing that you may still have in your head.

Look online for examples of blogs and websites that are impressive to you. Most Collision Repair websites are very artistic, take notes on what you think will work for you. It may be a little bit of each so take notes.

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