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5 Things Your Potential Customers Are Looking For Part III

  • Posted On May 1, 2014
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So now you know how the customer looks for the work to be estimated and how you can make their choice an obvious one.

  • What if they still insist in taking their vehicle to several body shops? -To be honest, you should be insisting that they do. In order to pull this bluff off, you will have to be up to date on what your local body shops charge, how they come to that number, and what people are saying about them. Fortunately, we live in an era where technology is at our disposal, which means you should be able to get this information quite readily. What you can’t get online, you can get by sending a friend down with a dented car to get an estimate and ask some questions. Once you have this information gathered, you will know what you can get away with when it comes to bluffing. You can even go as far as to say that you will beat all local body shop prices, because you know you can. This is a process that will take weekly dedication to research to know the boundaries of your offer. You may be challenged and caught blindside if you don’t pay attention. As an example, if a body shop is offering a special with a coupon, you could really stand to lose a lot of money if you have to beat their offer. Make sure that your customer understands that while there will be others that are offering their services for less, they need to be mindful that these types of offers are everywhere and generally will be a scam. Less pay sometimes equates to less service. If your prices are as far down as they can be for the purpose of competition, and you find out that still there is someone doing it for less, then you have to question what part of the process are they leaving out? Don’t be afraid to challenge your customer. Most of all, keep in mind that you may be speaking to someone who is a pro at being cheap. They themselves may be the scam. You need to follow your instincts and say no.


PDR Technicians: Wild Storms Hit The Midwest; Now What? Part III

  • Posted On April 30, 2014
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So we have covered hail damage as well as odor removal, are the dollar signs going off in your head yet? We’re not finished yet. The next thing is any aand all damage caused by the wind. Gale force winds can send any debris towards vehicles, absolutely anything. This debris could cause major damage, as in tree branches from a tree, rocks or pebbles, a child’s toy car (I’ve seen it happen), the point is that you should be prepared to fix any type of damage. It could be as simple as a scratch on a car, or even a ding on the windshield. You need to be ready to repair anything that comes your way. Include d should be you Alloy Wheel Repair equipment and tools. Be prepared for absolutely everything. You could stand to make a killing in profits. But if you’re not ready, you are leaving money on the table that could and should be yours.

Thunderstorm Checklist:

  1. ALL PDR Tools
  2. Odor Remover Equipment
  3. Paint Chip Repair Tools
  4. Scuffed Bumper Repair Tools
  5. Windshield Repair Tools
  6. Paint Polishing Tools
  7. Alloy Wheel Repair

This is the list in its short order. You know which tools go towards which job so you will know what chemicals, paint, tools and whatever supplies you think you will need.

Follow the weather, make your move, as soon as you are aware of the storms that are prevalent throughout the US, you need to be ready to pick up and make your move. Be warned though, while your intentions are real, there are PDR Technicians that have made it their business to chase these storms just like you but they are performing sub-par work. They will underbid you if they can and will underhandedly offer some sort of incentive, like a free mug or something silly like that. Choose a different location than where they are and if someone balks at your prices then tell them that with you, they are getting top notch service.

5 Things Your Potential Customers Are Looking For Part V

  • Posted On April 29, 2014
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Here we are at the end of the series. I hope that you were able to glean some useful information from it. In the end,

  • Your potential customer is going to go with their gut-You need to be sure that you are conversational and instilling trust. If you are one of those guys that has absolutely no communication skills, then that should be the thing that you are taking classes for. Your ability to speak with your customers will be the difference between getting the job or not. You don’t have to be a Chatty Kathy but you do have to be able to convince your customer that you are the right choice for them and that they can trust you. When it comes to trusting, I would be amiss if I didn’t tell you that your appearance and your surroundings, which could be your vehicle or your garage, depending of course where you do the work, should be cleaned and you should always be ready to change your shirt when speaking to a new potential customer. Now if they come up to you while you are working, there’s nothing you could do about that. However, if the choice is yours then you must do everything possible to be at your best. Look your best, smell your best, hair combed your best, clothes look your best. Not Sunday morning church best, just a clean shirt for the occasion.

If you resolve to give this work a real chance for survival and get your money’s worth for your education, then you will surely be successful. Jobs will not fall into your lap for at least one to two years. Until that point, everything you say and do is paramount, towards that goal. Nothing is to be taken lightly, you may have to give a job or two away to prove your worth (like at car shows), you may have to throw in a couple of dents for a package deal, whatever it takes should be your mindset. This is not a get rich quick scheme but if you work really hard at it, you could get rich. Be smart and efficient, the rest will follow.

5 Things Your Potential Customers Are Looking For Part IV

  • Posted On April 28, 2014
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Now, so what is the next obvious step? Customer’s are being taught to ask the right questions. Next are the types of questions they are using:

  • Customer’s Are Asking The Right Questions-The first thing that customer’s are taught is not to go into the body shop with their wallets open. Well we know that, but they don’t. If a customer came to you with a wad of money in their hands, of course you are going to try to get as much as you can for the work you are doing. Money is obvious, but you may find them asking you if you provide a warranty, how long it is good for and what  it covers? You need to be prepared for all questions and you should consider using this as a selling point. You need to provide a one year warranty at the very least. Most body shops will offer a two year warranty for body work. You don’t want to offer any more than that though. Also, if you are going to offer a warranty, then you may need to speak with a lawyer so that you word it in a way that makes sense to you and your customer. Most of your basic warranties are useless because what they guarantee either doesn’t apply or can’t be understood. It’s best to protect yourself and your customer in a language that all can understand and agree on. Next, the customer is going to want to know if you have insurance of any kind to cover their car in case it is stolen or burglarized, God forbid. Also, be prepared to answer questions on how long you have been in business and do you have a license and Certificate of graduation. About the only question they won’t ask is what size shoes you wear. I don’t think anyway. Also, be sure to be able to mention the types of chemicals that you use for your work and if they are environmentally safe.

PDR Technicians: Wild Storms Hit The Midwest; Now What? Part II

  • Posted On April 25, 2014
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pdr3In the last post we discussed some of the damage done by the Midwest and South’s latest storms. This storm caused hail damage from ping pong sized to baseball sized ice chunks. I said that I would get you a “Thunderstorm Checklist” but before we do that, I want to discuss your options as a PDR Technician.

Assuming that you took the Total Recon Package for your PDR training, what are the things that storms like this could cause that you could help the customer with. We know about the hailstorm damage, but what about the flooding that often times accompanies these storms? This type of weather is tornadic, meaning that with this thunderstorm, you could get flash flooding and high strong winds. This type of weather is a loud, mischievous clash of all types of activity.

Flash flooding means that the water level caused by the storm could be anywhere from an inch to five feet. Flash floods are a large volume of water that appears like a wave of water the was hidden behind a dam or something.  It escalates in its size and gains momentum quickly and quite unexpectedly. One minute you’re driving on paved road and the next minute your sailing your care. It’s just that fast.  The damage this causes to your interior is monumental. First you have to have the water removed, then the smell alone will knock you out, especially if you’ve left it outside and in the sun. The trick to this type of damage is to move quickly before it sours. You would of course make $50 dollars for ten minutes of your time. Your customer will need to have it wet vacuumed to remove any water, then you come in and do your magic.

I promise, soon you will get your checklist.



PDR Technicians: Wild Storms Hit The Midwest; Now What? Part I

  • Posted On April 23, 2014
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Just three days before this post, a very precarious thunderstorm had hit the Midwest and South.  This thunderstorm spawned tornadoes in Missouri and Texas and slammed several other states with large hail and heavy rain that prompted a handful of water rescues.

Storms came down the hardest in the city of Denton, a North Texas College town. They had hail as large as baseballs which caused broken windows and plenty of other damage. The National Weather Service reported that there was hail in Tulsa, Oklahoma the size of ping pong balls and extremely strong wind gusts.

Two things happen here that should cause you to get going and meet the immediate needs of those that have suffered from these horrible storms. You will find the obvious damage the hail caused; keep in mind that if the hail, especially the baseball sized ones, pummeled a car, you may not be able to fix those dents. Sometimes these type of dents will make a car look as if it had been in a horrific accident. You need to be willing to turn a customer away explaining that this is a body shop repair, not a PDR repair. Perhaps it would be wise to have created some brochures describing why you can’t work with some dents. If you have these brochures, you can quickly hand it off the the car owner and go to the next car. Putting up a 10×10 tent in an approved area, you can take in cars one at a time. You don’t have the time to explain to everyone why their car doesn’t meet the PDR Technology criteria.

You will need to put together a “Thunderstorm Checklist” so that you are prepared to meet the demands of these customers. Part II will have such a checklist that you can use and have ready for thunderstorm/hailstorm season.



PDR Technician: Hailstorms Are Gaining Speed; Are You Ready?

  • Posted On April 22, 2014
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Hailstorms are upon us and they are starting already in McKinney, Fairview, Melissa, Princeton, Leonard, and Celeste Texas. Ping pong sized hail caused a considerable amount of damage and that damage will need PDR Technicians to remove the many dents. You must make every effort to be prepared for the amount of work that will flow in. Your supplies need to be up to standard and if not then you will want to replenish just as soon as possible, hailstorms have a season like most anything else. This is your season.

Your advertising should clearly state that you work with insurance companies, you will help file claims, and that you can even aid in setting up rental cars for your customers that bring you their hail damaged cars.

The services that you offer should be clearly stated and you should draw attention to the fact that your services are in lieu of drilling, sanding, using bondo, and painting. You must remember that you are an artist and the work that your hands do is in fact art. The instruments that you use are much like your paintbrushes and your canvas is your customer’s car. You are a PDR Technician and as such you are a trained professional.

Once the insurance company is involved, they will send out an adjuster, whose job it is to estimate how much damage was done and how much they are willing to pay for the damage to be removed. Most times this amount is far less than what the actual numbers end up being. Fortunately, there is a solution, you will simply submit to the insurance company a supplement request. Be always prepared to deal with insurance companies and understand in advance that there will be a stall in receiving your payment.

PDR Technician: Certified Auto Detail Training


This is a course that has provided very successful results for our students. If you have ever wanted to learn how to detail a vehicle professionally, then this is the class for you. In five days you will learn everything needed to set up your Auto Detailing Tent. Tent? Yes, why not? Great success has been had by our graduating students in acquiring a 10’x10′ tent. You can find these at Costco or Sams Club for a favorable price. Get some long, horizontal banners for a very reasonable price at Vista Print as an example. Pin those banners to your tent and you are ready to start taking customers. You will want to pick a parking lot near the traffic and yet set away so that you can be seen but you won’t be taking up valuable business parking space. You will also need to figure out who the managing company is for that site and get permission to set up. The last thing you want is to be embarrassed by being kicked off the property by the Police. People will remember this before they will ever remember the good that you were doing.

So how do you get this training? It’s easy, just jump over to the correct page on this site and you will see what you will learn and then how to sign up. You will learn such things as:

  • The Steps of a Professional Auto Detail
  • Identifying All Types of Paint Flaws
  • Corrective Action Techniques
  • Description of Proper Chemical Usage; Interior and Exterior
  • Review Marketing & Business Promotion Strategies (Like the one above)
  • Generating Retail & Wholesale Customers
  • Proper Bidding & Estimating
  • Up-selling and Cross-selling Additional Services
  • Managing Chemical Costs

You will learn this very labor intensive course and have hands on access to the processes and how they work. You are trained by an Auto Detailing Expert and will walk away a pro. This is a jam packed class so you need to come prepared to knuckle down and soak up as much knowledge as you can.

Questions or just need to sign up? We’re here to help at King of Car Care.

5 Things Your Potential Customers Are Looking For Part II

  • Posted On April 16, 2014
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Consumers are going back to the old fashioned ‘Mom and Pop’ body shops because there is just something about working with the owner and also the very person that will be working on their vehicle. In a world of automation and very little use for the human touch, it’s refreshing when you get it and are able to negotiate for the end price with someone that understands what you are saying and that you can understand what they are saying. 

  • How Much is Your Overhead?-Smart consumers want to know this kind of information. They want to know how much of that cost is passed onto them using your services. It’s a fair question and one that you can answer quite easily. If you are like most PDR Technicians, you are providing your services from your vehicle. You can go to wherever they are, even at work, and remove an “Uh-Oh” dent that the customer may have gotten on their way to work. Those darn parking lot poles. Many of the body shops charge a per hour labor charge that starts at $40 and could go up to $100 or more, depending on where their shop is located. Your large body Shops that are having to pay the entire Reception staff that never actually work on the car will be considerably higher than a PDR Technician that only pays himself. It’s true though that there are a few or maybe even half, that find comfort in all of these extra expenses, the young adults of today are only interested on what kind of a deal they got and how fast the work can be done. Bottom line trumps paying more for office staff. Finally, high end body shops have an estimate book that they follow. They will round up and add fees that are non-existent rather than go with their gut feelings and only charge for the job at hand. A customer may get charged for removing the hood and the door, when in fact, they won’t need to remove them at all. Be fair and quote honestly and with integrity.


PDR Technician: Leather Care Part I

Interior leather comes in three specific types. You’ll want to become familiar with these differences because they can make a big difference on how you care for each type. The three types are: Aniline, Semi-Aniline, and Pigmented (Coated/Protected).

Aniline leather is almost never found in cars today but you could find it in high-end European vehicles such as the Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Lotus, Lexus Range Rover, Rolls Royce, US Cadillac, and then in German Automobiles like Audi, BMW, Daimler, AG, Mercedes-Benz.

This type of leather is the strongest and most supple part of the hide, which is best suited for upholstery. The leather is treated in chemical solutions that are used to stabilize the hide and changes the chemical structure to keep it from deteriorating.

Aniline dyes are permanent and will not rub off after the leather has been used because the method is completely different than others. They are dyed while the leather is still on the drum after chemically treating it  because at this point of the process it is absorbent, also the color will permeate the entire hide, which makes the process more permanent.

True Aniline stains very easily so any lotions, body oils, or spills will not come out. Especially hard on this leather is just skin to seat. Our bodies produce moisture that is acidic and these stains are almost impossible to get out. You should cover your seats with towels if you intend to be in summer clothing that exposes the skin more than usual. However, with the new pigment treatment that it gets, it is possible to have stains and still remove them. The way to treat this type is with foam products designed specifically for this type of leather. If you are wanting to have a shine at the end you can buff it with a 100% cotton micro fiber cloth.

Overall, this is the most beautiful type of leather so you may still get customers with it. Be prepared.

Questions? King of Car Care