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Marketing Trend Information Released for your Collision Repair Businesses


Proof that marketing is absolutely fundamental to your business. If you have been on the fence about whether or not to get fully submerged in online marketing, perhaps these statistics will make it an easier decision.

Summit e-Marketing Sherpas outlined various statistics accumulated from multiple studies and marketing groups. Information foundĀ onĀ Fender

Nine Easy Steps For Beginning A Blog Part VI

Ninth: When blogging, you need to take advantage of some very basic services to retrieve scale-able results for your blogging efforts. One of the best is to use Google Analytics which is constantly upgrading graphs and other important information. They even offer free training so that you can understand what

Nine Easy Steps For Beginning A Blog Part V

Seventh: Writing can sometimes be a bit scary, especially if you’re comparing yourself to a newspaper journalist. I mean people go to college for those types of skills, right? Not necessarily. Writing is done in your mind before it hits the paper, so play with the thoughts that you have

Nine Easy Steps For Beginning A Blog Part IV

Fifth: Now it’s time to create an editorial calendar to further your content impact. An editorial calendar will result in not only keeping you to topic, but also to schedule. Defining your purpose and where you are going, in say the next year, sets your own expectations of yourself. Your

Nine Easy Steps For Beginning A Blog Part III

Once you research and discover who your targeted readers are and what they want to hear, creating influential and informative content will be simple. You will know exactly what you should write about. Consistency is key.

Fourth: Speaking of consistency, it’s best to set realistic posting goals so that you don’t